Biography of Dr. Samih Shabib

Biography of Editor - In- Chief


Name: Samih Saleem Shabib.

Date and place of birth: 1948, Jaffa, Palestine.

Place of residence: Palestine – Ramallah.

Tel: 2987308, Mobile: 0599393565.


Qualifications Required


· Degree in history, University of Damascus, 1972.


·   In history, the Jesuit University (Beirut) 1979.


·   In history, University of St. Petersburg, 1996.


Practical Experience:

Researcher & Journalist:

· Palestinian Press in Syria and Lebanon during the period 1972-1981.


·  Responsible for the documentation section in the Research Center of PLO. 1981-1993.


·  Palestinian Affairs in Shu’un Falastiniyah Magazine 1984-1993.


· Arabic Political Parties in national and international relations department 1994-1998.

Founding Member:

·  General Union of Palestinian writers and journalists.


·  Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Birzeit University 1998-2011.



1- Arab Independence Party in 1932-1933, Beirut: Research Center of the Palestine Liberation Organization, 1980, 184 pages.

2- Documentation and Palestinian Documentation of Reality and Paradoxes, Nicosia: Eastern Press, 44 pages.

3- The all – Palestine government, Introduction and Conclusions, Jerusalem: Al- Bayader Political, 88 pages.

4- Mohammad Ali Tahir, Journal Experience in the pages: SC, Youth, Science, 1924-1936. Tunisia: the General Union of Palestinian writers and journalists in 1990, 380 pages.

5- Economic and Social Assets of the Political Movement in Palestine, 1920-1948. Ministry of Culture – Dar Al – Aswar – Acre.

6- Palestinian Press in Diaspora (First Entry) 1965-1994 (Muwatin, 2000).

7- Media Studies (Edit), Ramallah, Muwatin, 2004.

8- Media Studies (2) (Edit), Ramallah, Muwatin, 2005.

9- The Tragic Fate of the Palestinian Research Center, London, and a Land of Palestine Authority and Muwatin, 2005.

10-Refugees and the Future of the Peace Process, Ramallah, Palestinian Center for mass communications, 2004.

11-More than 30-Diffusion Study, mostly in the journal “Shu’un Falastiniyah” and a columnist in the Al – Ayyam newspaper – Ramallah.


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