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Research Center: Palestine Liberation Organization


The Research Center was established in Beirut on 28 February 1965, by decision of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, shortly after the establishment of the Organization in May 1964. The decision of the Executive Committee considered the center to be one of the institute of the PLO, led by the director of the head of the Executive Committee. In the Centre, the financial and administrative procedures of the organization are applied. The Fund is overseen by the Palestinian national fund. Since its inception, the Center has a great independence in relation to its activity in the areas for which it was established, as the first civilian institution created by the PLO, which after it had established the Palestine Liberation Army in late 1964.

A. Objectives of the research: The goal of Center, is covering the Arab-Zionist conflict with scientific studies, and providing correct information about the Palestinian issue.


The Center is committed to achieve the public policy objectives of the PLO, and guided by the plans and programs established by the institutions of the organization. Apart from this, the Center puts its production plans and internal systems. The Center enjoys considerable freedom of discussing and expressing various attitudes and views on the Palestinian arena. It also has the freedom to study the active opponents of the PLO and their attitudes and opinions. The Center adopted scientific research methods, and is not subject to any political or media may conflict with all this.

In sum, the Center occupied since its establishment, and its development, a highly respected academic institution as first Palestinian scientific studies on the political, social, economic, military, and received great confidence in this area.

B) Research and management development.

C) Sections of Research Center: The following sections and divisions founded and developed at the Center.
1) Library.
2) Archives.

3) Palestinian diaries section.
4) Israel Radio monitor bulletin

5) Palestinian Affairs Magazine: Palestinian Affairs (Shu’un Falastiniyah) is a quarterly magazine issued by the PLO’s Palestine Research Center (PRC). The magazine publishes articles (in Arabic) related to Palestinian politics, culture, economics, international relations, and other subjects. Researchers and other Arab and foreigners Palestinian writers, who agreed with them for this purpose, or who prefer to publish their productions there, prepared the articles of the magazine. The publication moved to Nicosia, Cyprus after a car bomb attack on the Center in February 1983, which killed eight staff members. It resumed publication in the summer of 1985. Publication stopped with issue 244-245 (July – August 1993) for financial reasons, but resumed in Ramallah in November 2011. The long – time director of the PRC was Sabri Jiryis and editors of Shu’un Falastiniyah included Anis Sayyigh and Mahmoud Darwish, and others involved Faisal Hourani, Bilal al – Hassan, and Mahmoud al – Khatib. Nowadays, the director of the PRC is Dr. Sami Musallam and Dr. Samih Shabib as the editor of the magazine.


6) Technical section

7) Distribution and contributions section

8) Finance Department

9) Division of administration

10) Research departments.








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