Research Center Martyrs

5 February 1983


Martyrs of Research Center


Hanna Shaheen Jiryis: Research Martyr (Fassota, Galilee, 1946), wife of the director general of the Center Sabri Jiryis and fellow militant path and scientific. Mother of two children. She enriched the library of Arabic Studies in Israeli Affairs published by the Palestinian Magazine since 1974. Author of manuscript book “Cult In Israel?!” – Not published yet.

Sabah Kurdiya (Al – Bireh, 1955), a struggling young woman, known for her devoted and personality. As a researcher, she is well acknowledged with Israeli Studies and Hebrew translation skills. She was a major researcher in the Israeli Studies Department at the Center.

Subhi Alwan (Sinjil, Ramallah, 1918), a receptionist at the Center. He witnessed many of the hardships of the Zionist – Arab conflict. He is a father of two martyrs and a grandfather of number of freedom fighters.

Muna Khattab (Ashrafieh, Beirut, 1960), one of the youngest martyrs of the Research Center. She was still at her early stages of her career as a researcher.

Saleem Al – Issawi (Tarsheha, 1926), president of the Center’s guards. The Palestinian revolutionaries’ workshops knew him before 1948. He was the first enrolled in the ranks of the Palestine Liberation Army with the renewed awareness and the reconstruction of the national entity.

Al – Issawi was a role model to his colleagues. He shared experience and was an example in humility and vigilance. In the Three – Month War in 1982, he participated in the battles of Beirut, sacrificed his life to serve the national struggle.

Sanna Auda (Jdayda Marjayoun, Lebanon, 1963), member of the Lebanese Democratic Youth Union, an employee in the documentation section. She witnessed martyrdom at the early stages of working for the Research Center. While she was preparing to celebrate her engagement, she lost her life.

Mohammad Abdallah Azzam, a companion of Al – Issawi, well known to be a safeguard of the Palestine Activist Organization.

Baha Al – Din Mansour (Nomdeguerre) (Zahleh, 1961), Maroni, an activist joined the ranks of the Palestinian revolution.


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